May 13

Lea Michele: Ladies, It’s Time to Bring Back Sisterhood!

ydtsFor years, women have been using their voices to articulate their goals and vision of the female ambition. They have used their voices as a means towards progress and equality, to express their dreams, and hopes for the future. They have used their voices to share their stories, to encourage understanding and build community.

The voices of courageous women who have championed female ambition are countless. I am thankful to know a world with the voices of such strong women starting as early as the strong women in my family—my mom, my aunts—and also strong women in my field, from my personal hero, the legendary singer Barbra Streisand, to feminists like Gloria Steinem and Eve Ensler, to one-name wonders like Oprah and Madonna and all of my inspiring female contemporaries in entertainment and business. These women have been fearless, and in doing so, they have offered us a better view.

Self-expression is vital to our identities and important for the future of our communities. Yet too often, women are not encouraged to express ourselves. We are held to unrealistic media standards, airbrushed in order to be more perfect, and even told to change the very things that make us unique to fit into a mold. Too often, female expression is stifled. The truth about women is skewed in popular culture, and so many young girls reading the weekly magazines in the grocery checkout aisle are left to wonder where they fit in. While there are so many trailblazers for change there are still stories that aren’t being heard—young women who are not being acknowledged for who they are, and what they are doing.

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May 11

Lea Michele Has a Pretty Valid Reason for Refusing to Scream on Scream Queens

yufLea Michele’s journey from Broadway actress to primetime mega-star has been epic, but it hasn’t been without its bumps in the road. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes interview from Women’s Health’s November 2015 cover shoot, Lea shares exactly how she tuned out the haters in order to get where she is today, plus how she gets away with not screaming on a show called Scream Queens.

On Why She Loves Journaling…
“Journaling for me was always a place where I could write down what I wanted and never be embarassed. … I would write things down that I was always embarrased to say to people because I was told so often growing up that I wasn’t pretty enough or there wasn’t a place for me in television and that I was too ethnic. But I would still write down that I was going to get a TV show and that I was going to make an album, and despite what everyone was telling me outside that private time, I wrote it down. And really, I made it happen.”

On Never Screaming on Scream Queens
“I refuse to scream on the show. … Ryan Murphy [the director of Scream Queens] got me in a booth one day, and I said, ‘I am screaming twice, and you’re going to have to use it the entire season.’ I’m a singer!”

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May 04

Lea Michele shares her biggest red carpet regret — See the look!

oiuhiuuyvuyLea Michele nearly always looks clean and polished on the red carpet — the “Scream Queens” actress recently turned serious heads in a sexy, ab-baring jumpsuit but she admits her effortless red carpet prowess wasn’t always the case.

“There was one time I went to an upfront in New York for ‘Glee’, and I had this massive bun on the top of my head  but it was all me. I told my old my hairdresser that I wanted to do it, and I look back, and it was a bun and a dark lip and a crazy dress.”

As they say, you live and you learn. Lea, 29, has since discovered that “simplicity is best”  a mantra that trickles down to nearly every aspect of her life, particularly her dedication to health and wellness. The star, who is a big fan of spinning, healthy cooking, hiking and has even tried cryotherapy, owes it all to her mother.

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May 01

Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes confesses his love for ‘Glee’ star Lea Michele

lea-michele-cover-shoot-5Wisconsin star Nigel Hayes has a celebrity crush and wants the media to help. We’re not quite sure that we qualify, but we’re suckers for young kids finding love — especially Hayes, who’s one of the most fun guys in basketball.

Hayes dedicated his entire post-game press conference to Lea Michele, saying:

“This year I’m going to take it upon myself to use you guys and profess my, I have like a celebrity crush: Lea from “Glee.” So if she’s watching this, if she hears this, hello. I’m available. You know. Call, text, call the Kohl Center, Coach Gard’s number. If you could get this out to her, tweet this out maybe, send her a poke on Facebook — I don’t know how this works, you know kids and the social media these days. I don’t know if they do that. Also, if Ms. Lea has a friend, I have a friend, and you know, like Biggie said, your friend can be my friends and we can be friends.”

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Apr 21

Lea Michele’s new man might finally break her bad boy streak

vzbnxtfmLea Michele’s dating history can be summed up in one word: scandalous. Her longtime boyfriend Cory Monteith tragically died of an overdose, which left her reeling. When she finally re-entered the dating world, she found herself in a long-term relationship with an ex-gigolo. But it looks like she has finally found a nice, normal guy in Robert Buckley.

The two were spotted on a date recently in Santa Monica. They cozied up to a bar together, and according to insiders, couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The most notable observation, though, was how much of a gentleman Buckley was. Onlookers all commented on his chivalry throughout the date.

Now, I’m not suggesting that a person can’t be both an addict and a gentleman. Friends of Monteith’s had nothing but glowing things to say about him and how nice he was. But I am saying that it’s probably good for Michele to find a partner who doesn’t have gigantic skeletons in his closet. She has been through enough for her 29 years. A man like Buckley who doesn’t demand the spotlight or have a sordid past will give her a chance to enjoy an easy relationship.

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